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RE: Update from The Alexander Pandemic Preparedness Committee


Dear families, friends and residents of The Alexander Aged Care Centre,


The ongoing COVID-19 case numbers keep us hypervigilant with our infection control processes at this time. Information continues to flow from both State & Commonwealth Health Departments and our Preparedness Committee continue to meet daily to discuss new information as it comes to light.

This week, all aged care workers were advised by the Commonwealth Government that it is recommended they no longer work across different Residential Aged Care Facilities. We are now adjusting our roster to ensure the needs of our residents and staff are met. Government funding will be provided to those staff affected so as they are not financially disadvantaged by having to choose one place of employment.

We are still waiting to be contacted with a date for the voluntary Mobile COVID-Testing Clinic. The information we have received so far is located at: https://www.health.gov.au/resources/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-mobile-testing-clinics-victoria We will continue to keep you posted on further updates regarding the mobile testing.

It is so important for everyone to stay safe & well during this time & to look out for each other. The Older Persons Advocacy Network Australia offers a COVID support service for older Australians and their families & carers. More information can be found at https://opan.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Older-Australians-COVID-Support-Line-Flyer-V1-Web-or-Email.pdf

Don’t forget that if you would like to arrange Zoom sessions and window meetings, please contact reception to make a booking.
Although we mention this in every letter, I would like to say again, I sincerely thank every single resident, family member, staff member & friend of The Alexander Aged Care Centre for your patience & support. We will continue to face the challenges of 2020 together and endeavour to keep all the residents safe in their home.



Yours faithfully,

Jim Saisanas

Approved Provider