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Our dedicated team can provide empathetic and dignified Palliative Care.

Our dedicated team at The Alexander provide palliative care.  In what can be a difficult journey, we preserve quality of life and assist in managing end of life with dignity and compassion. 

Consumers are empowered to direct their own care, whenever possible.  A consumer’s needs, goals and wishes at the end of life may change over time and we are here to support them and their loved ones.

Providing for the cultural, spiritual and psychosocial needs of consumers, and their families and carers is as important as meeting their physical needs.

Recognising when a consumer is approaching the end of their life is essential to delivering appropriate, compassionate and timely end-of-life care.

The prognosis and the way that people respond to medical treatment will vary between individuals. This means that there is potential for ambiguity and uncertainty at the end of life. This must be honestly and openly acknowledged, and discussed with consumers’, substitute decision-makers, families and carers.

Safe and high-quality end-of-life care is consumer and family-centred. Whenever possible, it should be aligned with the values, needs and wishes of the individual, and their family or carers. Such care should consider the consumers’ expressed wishes regarding the circumstances, environment and place in which they wish to die.

Safe and high-quality end-of-life care requires the availability of appropriately qualified, skilled and experienced interdisciplinary teams.

Effective communication, collaboration and teamwork to ensure continuity and coordination between teams, within and between settings, and across multiple episodes of care.


Palliative care is person and family-centred care, this provided to a person with an active, progressive, advanced disease, who has little or no prospect of cure and who is expected to die, and for whom the primary goal is to optimise the quality of life for that individual.

End-of-life care is the last few weeks of life in which a patient with a life-limiting illness is rapidly approaching death. The needs of patients and their carers is higher at this time. This phase of palliative care is recognised as one in which increased services and support are essential to ensure quality, coordinated care from the health care team is being delivered. This takes into account the terminal phase or when the patient is recognised as imminently dying, death and extends to bereavement care.

Palliative care is care that helps people live their life as fully and as comfortably as possible when living with a life-limiting or terminal illness.

Palliative care identifies and treats symptoms which may be physical, emotional, spiritual or social. Because palliative care is based on individual needs, the services offered will differ from person to person.

Palliative care is a family-centred model of care, meaning that family and carers can receive practical and emotional support from our team at The Alexander Aged Care Cente.

Palliative care is referred by your GP or health care professional.

We encourage you to meet with our specialised palliative care team to advise your wishes and so we can go through the range of possibilities available. Our dedicated team provides honest and clear communication to ensure we can then be guided by your fully informed decisions.

To book or enquire about a Palliative Care at the Alexander Aged Care Centre please complete the enquiry form below and a representative will be in contact with you.

We focus on creating an inclusive environment and accommodate people of all nationalities and backgrounds.

Our staff speak English, however we do have staff that are also multilingual speaking in languages such as Greek, Italian, Indian, Chinese and many other different languages.

Please call us on (03) 9548 7366 or contact us on the form below to discuss your linguistic and cultural requirements.

The Alexander Aged Care Centre is located at 1720 Dandenong Road, Clayton VIC 3168 . This is around 18km south-east of Melbourne’s central business district.

We provide assisting living for individuals and couples throughout Melbourne. Residents and families love how accessible our centre is. We’re only 8 minutes to Chadstone, 30 minutes to the CBD, 6 minutes to the train and only 1 minute to the bus.

If you have any further questions or want to book palliative care at the Alexander Aged Care Centre, please complete the enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.