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RE: Update from The Alexander Pandemic Preparedness Committee


Dear Residents, Staff, Families and Friends of The Alexander Aged Care Centre,

We are happy to report that everyone remains well at The Alexander Aged Care Centre.

We are continually refreshing our infection control practices. This week, we have had both online and face to face education with Monash Health. All staff are fully aware of our protocols and demonstrate them diligently throughout the day.

We are continuing to meet daily to stay up to date with the latest developments relating to COVID-19.

This week, we received masks and shields through the Government to include with our own stockpile of PPE. As you can imagine, there is an ongoing requirement for large quantities daily just for preventative measures. We have an adequate amount of PPE in storage in the event of an outbreak and we continue to source more on a weekly basis.

Our staff remain vigilant in the monitoring of residents for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

Residents are receiving 1:1 social room visits by our staff and small socially distanced activity groups are continuing. Today, we celebrated two residents Birthdays with an individual cake and lots of happy Birthday wishes from staff!

Please remember to update us with any changes to your personal details. We apologise that we are unable to update each family member individually, but kindly ask our primary contacts to share our information with other family members and friends as appropriate.


We understand that the current situation is difficult for residents and families. Each family will have different support needs. There are a variety of services available depending on the support required. Further support services to those advised in previous correspondence, can be found via the links below.


As usual, please utilise our Zoom conferencing to meet with your loved one. Jenny or Fiona at reception can assist you with this process. Contact them on the main phone number 9548 7366 or via email, jenny@thealexanderagedcare.com.au or fiona@thealexanderagedcare.com.au.

A member of management is always available to speak with you should you have any queries or concerns.

To our fabulous team at The Alexander, as always, we remain indebted to you all.

Further updates to follow next week.


Yours sincerely,

The Alexander Aged Care Centre
Pandemic Preparedness Committee