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RE: Update from The Alexander Pandemic Preparedness Committee

Dear Residents, Staff & Families,

The Alexander Aged Care Centre continues to be COVID free as the number of COVID-19 cases in the metropolitan area steadily drop. Restrictions continue for the State of Victoria and we must continue to keep each other safe to the best of our ability.

We have submitted our information to Aspen Health for the Voluntary Onsite COVID Testing Program and are waiting to hear back with a confirmed date. We will let you know immediately once a date is booked. If you did not complete the online form and you would like to be part of this voluntary testing program, then it is not too late. Please email pam@thealexanderagedcare.com.au with the heading ‘Aspen Voluntary Testing Enquiry’ and we will contact you.

The Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission (ACQSC) visited last Friday afternoon for a support contact visit and to revise our COVID preparedness and infection control practices. Much to our delight, the two assessors were complimentary of our actions and planning to date and were very satisfied with staff infection control practices. They were also impressed at how patient all visitors and staff are while they wait to undergo our strict and consistent screening process (which they observed from outside for 30 minutes while they let the staff go in before them). Well done to the wonderful team here at The Alexander. We couldn’t be prouder of what an amazing group of people we have here and how far we have come in 2020.

Our Pandemic Preparedness Committee continues to meet and fine tune every minor detail we can think of in relation to COVID planning. All residents continue with the increased daily clinical assessments using the Safer Care Victoria COVID19 Screening Tool. Our Care Managers, Yan Zhang & Diana Joaquin, vigilantly monitor, act and report on results. Should our nurses identify any concerns with your loved ones, they will contact you and the GP immediately for further discussion.

Please contact us if you would like more further information regarding any of our COVID preparedness or management practices and we will be happy to discuss them.

Should you have concerns or are feeling distressed regarding the coronavirus outbreak, the Department of Health has an assistance page to help you maintain your mental health.  Please access  https://headtohealth.gov.au/covid-19-support. Alternatively, we recommend you visit Mind Spot Clinic at www.mindspot.org.au for free online assessment & support if you are feeling troubled by the current COVID situation and how it is impacting on you.

We will continue to send regular updates as the State of Disaster in VIC continues. Remember to protect others and help stop the spread by practising good hygiene, wearing a face mask, continue social distancing and self-isolate if needed as described by the State Government. 


Yours sincerely,

The Alexander Aged Care Centre
Pandemic Preparedness Committee